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Split Type System Installed in a Living RoomWhether you’re selling your home or not, buying a new airconditioning unit is a great best investment to increase its value. While a lot of homeowners invest in other more expensive projects, updating your in-home air conditioning units is a smart step in adding value to your property while helping you save on energy and money as you live in it. Choosing an Airconditioning Unit that Increases Your Home’s ValueMany real estate experts agree that most buyers expect in home air conditioning units to work perfectly when they purchase a property, so updating[...]
Air Con Is Too Old You can expect your air-con to last between seven and fifteen years, depending on the model. If you need an aircon unit for long-term cooling in a home with high humidity levels or where there will be many people using it throughout the summer months, then consider selecting one that has capabilities like split system units – which operate more efficiently by individually controlling each room’s temperature instead of shipping coolant through pipes underground as traditional systems do. The life expectancy of air-con is between 15 and 20 years, but as with all things in[...]
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