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Air Conditioning Summer Tips You Need to Know

Looking for some air conditioning summer tips to save you money and keep you cool? Air conditioners are an excellent way to stay cool in hot summers but they also come with an inflated electricity bill.

How do you manage your bill while keeping cool? Here are our top air conditioning summer tips.

Ensure your air conditioner is well maintained before summer sets in
Air conditioning units attract a lot of dust, allergens, and debris and if they are not cleaned regularly, they will not perform at their best. Your air conditioner ends up working harder to keep the space cool, which increases wear and tear. Dirty AC units can also present a health hazard. You can call Dishsat Electronics on 0861 444 731 to clean your air conditioner, replace the filters and make any repairs.

Shut off the AC at night
At the height of summer it may be tempting to keep your air conditioning running all through the night. However, air is usually much cooler at night and you can take advantage of any night breeze by leaving your windows open. If you do not fancy keeping your windows open, then a ceiling fan or a standing fan may do the trick. Fans will cool your room at night for a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, you can increase the temperature of your AC unit a couple of degrees at night.

Reduce air escape passages
Do you find that your space takes too long to cool? It may be that cool air is escaping through cracks or openings such as doors and windows. While keeping doors and windows closed when cooling a room certainly helps, you will need to check for any cracks and gaps and seal those. You can also add insulation to the air conditioning ducts.

Get the right AC for the job
While looking for an AC unit that will deliver optimal cooling, bigger is not always better. The more powerful the air conditioner is, the higher the energy usage. It is important for you to think through your needs beforehand to ensure you get the right size unit for your needs. For example, how many rooms do you want to cool? Do you live in a two-bedroom apartment or a multiple storey? These are factors that will help you get the right AC for the job.

Get some long-term solutions
You can consider long-term solutions such as planting trees near the house to help shade your home from the scorching sun. You can also install other insulation in your home to keep it cooler.

More Than Air Conditioning Summer Tips
Dishsat Electronics is your air con expert providing a wide range of air conditioning services for commercial and residential properties. You can rely on our expertise in air conditioning installation, servicing, maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

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