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The Main Reasons Behind HVAC Technicians’ Service Calls

Some heating and air conditioning issues are simply a matter of removing dirt and debris from coils and filters, which is a task that you can do on your own. Some problems, however, can turn into something worse unless you reach out to a local HVAC technician to schedule a service call. Having it checked every six months helps prevent sudden breakdowns and failures that might occur due to a malfunction with one of the internal components.

Malfunctioning thermostat. If your HVAC unit isn’t functioning as it should, the problem might be with the thermostat. Repairing can be as simple as checking to make sure it’s in the right comfort mode or replacing old batteries with fresh ones. Reading the manual will also help you determine if it’s in proper working order. Call a Dishsat Electronics on 0861 444 731 right away if any of these troubleshooting procedures don’t solve the issue.

Strange noises. Hearing unusual noises from boiler, air conditioning or heat pump systems is enough for you to schedule a service call with Dishsat Electronics. Sounds of rattling, squealing and banging may indicate that something is loose inside the equipment. A component might also be clogged with debris, preventing it from functioning properly. If not addressed right away, your HVAC system could be at risk of sudden failure.

Water leaks. Heating and cooling equipment produce condensate, which passes through drain pipes to ensure proper drainage. Leaks can occur because of clogs or cracks in the drain lines, compromising the HVAC system’s operation. Contact Dishsat Electronics as soon as possible to determine the source of water leaks and employ the recommended solution.

For your HVAC repair and maintenance needs, turn to Dishsat Electronics – 0861 444 731 or by email sales@dishsataircon.co.za

In addition to installing central air conditioning systems, the company has the training and equipment to address your emergency heating and cooling concerns. Call us at 0861 444 731 or fill out our contact form to request a service call.

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